Monday, September 29, 2008


Bogotá is today a cosmopolitan city in continuous expansion. Its downtown is probably the most important place of the city. There you can find a lot of interesting historical monuments, political and economical buildings amons other things, such as cultural activities, restaurants, museums and all kind of enterteinment.
1Orlando's tour begins at the corner intersection of 19th avenue and 7th street, in Bogota's downtown. It's a crowded intersection where you can see at your right across the street, the most popular lottery game.
2Walk north half a block, and you can find a lot of commercial shops, like a panamericanas bookstore just between Colsubsidios drugstore and Armi wearstore, go up half a block, turn left and find the Bogota's historical minimarket called Tia, found in 1940. Tia store has nineteen department stores in ten cities around Colombia. It's an interesting place don't miss it.After Tia store, go up half a block to corner, cross the street walk up one block, pass the legendary Casa Lis cafeteria, look at your right and stop in the Avianca building.
3 When you go out of the supermarket "Tía" you have to make a left , and continue south on 7th avenue for two blocks. Then turn left again and you are going to see the Avianca´s building entrance. Its exactly on the niner 16th street an7th. Its a building with histotical value. It was founded in 1970, and its very famous because it had an awful accident, it got fired on July twenty-third of 1973.Also in this block you can find the Santander square. Its a good place to sit and relax, and if you cross the street you are going to see a historical church the St. Veracruz.
4CityTv channel is next to avianca building. This building is in the Jimenez Avenue, in front of the Gold Museum station (transmilenio). You can go there, following these instructions: when you go outside avianca building, you go straight ahead for three blocks to the corner of Jimenez Avenue, you cross the street and in front you can see the CityTv channel. There you can find the citicapsula where you can show your opinion about any thing . Other things that you can find in this point are:
4.1When you are in CityTv, in front you can see the republic bank, and turn left and you can find the agrarian bank. its very important that you kown the transmilenio service, there you can take a bus and go by the entire city.
5 The Cathedral Santa fe de la religiosa.the next point on the tour is the catedral primordial. you can go to the left and go straight a head for three blocks, at the corner of 10and7 you find a big and old church.its stands on the site where the first mass was celebrated after Bogotá had been founded in 1538.and it also has the tomb of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada.In front of the cathedral you can see another historical places, LIKEthe Bolivar Square betwen the palace of justice and "el capitolio".In this place you are going to find sellers of corn and you can give food to the birds.

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