Monday, September 29, 2008


I was born in Bogota one Sunday on April 01 to 1984 at 7:45pm. My name…is Diego but at the begins my father and mother wanted to call me Oscar Leonardo, however, 5 days before baptism day, my mother changed her opinion and 2 days after my father too. I don’t know why she prefers to chose my current name, but I prefer always Diego than Oscar Leonardo. ¡¡THANKS MAMI. You saved my name!!

I grew up in a small family were consist in my sister, father and mother, also I was the younger guy inside my house, I was good in many things but terrible kid, my father sometimes called me “my earthquake kid” and I was his headache - I guess -, I was an active, creative and dreamer child, great in sports like a football, run, baseball, basketball and many others, artistic and musical kid too, first I played the flaute for six months ago, but I didn’t like that, because never found the instrument magic in that case, after I played the guitar for few years, but didn’t like too, until I found the drums, the best and identify sound of me really, deep and strong, I studied, practice and enjoy this communication art form since I was 14 until our days . My father paid many courses for healthy, emotional, mental reasons, my mother and father always got me their best attention along years, but in the school I was really bad in mathematics, in each one father’s reunion, I prepared them to receive bad grades in many areas.
When I was 10 my family gave me awesome travel to Disney and other places, I went with my sister and many friends, It was a incredible experience for my life, maybe the best in my childhood, also my father took many pictures and I remember these trip whit happiness.
When I was child my favorite TV programs was adventures, mysterious, suspense and surrealist cartoons like a “el Rey Arturo”, “Gi joe” I collect many dolls to this serie, “tin tin adventures”, Christmas programs, transformers, los pitufos, cuentos de los hermanos grimm, el detective conan, later, supercampeones, this cartoon drove me crazy for many years, I really liked!, I enjoyed whit classical and old cartoons, this programs get me many remembers about my Christmas vacations, my child friends and my basic school. I really enjoy my childhood.

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