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Bogotá is today a cosmopolitan city in continuous expansion. Its downtown is probably the most important place of the city. There you can find a lot of interesting historical monuments, political and economical buildings amons other things, such as cultural activities, restaurants, museums and all kind of enterteinment.
1Orlando's tour begins at the corner intersection of 19th avenue and 7th street, in Bogota's downtown. It's a crowded intersection where you can see at your right across the street, the most popular lottery game.
2Walk north half a block, and you can find a lot of commercial shops, like a panamericanas bookstore just between Colsubsidios drugstore and Armi wearstore, go up half a block, turn left and find the Bogota's historical minimarket called Tia, found in 1940. Tia store has nineteen department stores in ten cities around Colombia. It's an interesting place don't miss it.After Tia store, go up half a block to corner, cross the street walk up one block, pass the legendary Casa Lis cafeteria, look at your right and stop in the Avianca building.
3 When you go out of the supermarket "Tía" you have to make a left , and continue south on 7th avenue for two blocks. Then turn left again and you are going to see the Avianca´s building entrance. Its exactly on the niner 16th street an7th. Its a building with histotical value. It was founded in 1970, and its very famous because it had an awful accident, it got fired on July twenty-third of 1973.Also in this block you can find the Santander square. Its a good place to sit and relax, and if you cross the street you are going to see a historical church the St. Veracruz.
4CityTv channel is next to avianca building. This building is in the Jimenez Avenue, in front of the Gold Museum station (transmilenio). You can go there, following these instructions: when you go outside avianca building, you go straight ahead for three blocks to the corner of Jimenez Avenue, you cross the street and in front you can see the CityTv channel. There you can find the citicapsula where you can show your opinion about any thing . Other things that you can find in this point are:
4.1When you are in CityTv, in front you can see the republic bank, and turn left and you can find the agrarian bank. its very important that you kown the transmilenio service, there you can take a bus and go by the entire city.
5 The Cathedral Santa fe de la religiosa.the next point on the tour is the catedral primordial. you can go to the left and go straight a head for three blocks, at the corner of 10and7 you find a big and old church.its stands on the site where the first mass was celebrated after Bogotá had been founded in 1538.and it also has the tomb of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada.In front of the cathedral you can see another historical places, LIKEthe Bolivar Square betwen the palace of justice and "el capitolio".In this place you are going to find sellers of corn and you can give food to the birds.


I was born in Bogota one Sunday on April 01 to 1984 at 7:45pm. My name…is Diego but at the begins my father and mother wanted to call me Oscar Leonardo, however, 5 days before baptism day, my mother changed her opinion and 2 days after my father too. I don’t know why she prefers to chose my current name, but I prefer always Diego than Oscar Leonardo. ¡¡THANKS MAMI. You saved my name!!

I grew up in a small family were consist in my sister, father and mother, also I was the younger guy inside my house, I was good in many things but terrible kid, my father sometimes called me “my earthquake kid” and I was his headache - I guess -, I was an active, creative and dreamer child, great in sports like a football, run, baseball, basketball and many others, artistic and musical kid too, first I played the flaute for six months ago, but I didn’t like that, because never found the instrument magic in that case, after I played the guitar for few years, but didn’t like too, until I found the drums, the best and identify sound of me really, deep and strong, I studied, practice and enjoy this communication art form since I was 14 until our days . My father paid many courses for healthy, emotional, mental reasons, my mother and father always got me their best attention along years, but in the school I was really bad in mathematics, in each one father’s reunion, I prepared them to receive bad grades in many areas.
When I was 10 my family gave me awesome travel to Disney and other places, I went with my sister and many friends, It was a incredible experience for my life, maybe the best in my childhood, also my father took many pictures and I remember these trip whit happiness.
When I was child my favorite TV programs was adventures, mysterious, suspense and surrealist cartoons like a “el Rey Arturo”, “Gi joe” I collect many dolls to this serie, “tin tin adventures”, Christmas programs, transformers, los pitufos, cuentos de los hermanos grimm, el detective conan, later, supercampeones, this cartoon drove me crazy for many years, I really liked!, I enjoyed whit classical and old cartoons, this programs get me many remembers about my Christmas vacations, my child friends and my basic school. I really enjoy my childhood.

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History and culture - Traditions, customs and all things to around you -
-awesome magic - - Festivals, celebrations -
- manifestation of the soul - - landscapes -
- big masks - people souls and ancestral goods -
- cultural symbols - -performing on canoes along the beach -
- The rhythm and beat of the musical instruments -
- traditional dances -! - _colorfully_ - artistic handicrafts

“The history of one man is the history of all,” says one of the greatest Brazilian writers, Paulo Coelho, in his book THE DEVIL AND MISS PRYM. I’m talking about history, because it has a lot of importance for me. It also has to do with countries, cultures, knowledge, points of view, and habits of life. History and culture, also, are the reflection of each and every person who has been born and lived in any place on this planet. Traditions, customs and all things around you, build our sense of identity and describe our essence too. I mean, for that reason, history, culture and traditions are like magic, really; awesome magic to embody the riches of your past roots, present and future on imminent progress to development.
Festivals, celebrations and the like are the manifestation of the soul town legacy. Ethnic music, dance, colorful, awesome landscapes, big masks, interesting costumes, and made-up faces are the principal components to begin the interaction between worldly people souls and ancestral gods. Humans have always been interested in transcendental topics. They look for explanations for existence, origin, natural phenomenona, transition of life, life after death, gods, and communication with supreme spirits. For that reason, many rituals were celebrated by human civilizations for thousands of years. In many ways they are the most important cultural symbols.
If you are interested in roots, mysterious festivals, continue with this text, I am sure you’re going to learn fascinating information about a festival celebrated in PNG (Papua New Guinea). People from the Salomon Islands, Melanesian countries and nearby islands share the same tradition and also participate in the festival called TUMBUAN FESTIVAL.!

···TUMBUAN FESTIVAL – The festival of the masks.···
This festival have to do whit the representation of spirits are found in West Africa, South America and Melanesia, mostly ancestral spirits. These types of masks which we now call the "tumbuan" in Tok Pidgin are found in Melanesia. In PNG, mask cultures are found in the New Guinea Islands, the Momase Region and Gulf Province. Mask or "tumbuan" are an important part of these cultures. The masks are similar in appearance and nature but still have noticeable differences. In many ways, they are the most important cultural symbols of PNG and identify our cultures from the rest of the world. This is because masks have been a feature of human civilization for thousands of years and varies from culture to culture. While the mask cultures of the above three regions belong to the same class, they are not necessarily the same in appearance and do not embody the same meanings. Although similarities can be drawn in this sense, one can distinguish a South American mask from that of a Melanesian or a West African mask. Yet within each region, masks share similarities but again they have marked differences from one area to another. For instance, in Melanesia nearly all of the Melanesian countries (Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and PNG) have mask cultures; with a very strong presence in PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In appearance and functional roles in society, these masks are similar but again they differ from country to country.
The mask dancers that will perform this year will first of all see an opening performance which will take place at dawn on the morning of Thursday. This is called the "Kinavai" where one will see East New Britain's Tolai Dukduks and Tumbuans performing on canoes along the beach front of Kokopo Town. This is a very important sacred procedure for the Tolai Male Society and normally attracts 3,000 to 4,000 people each morning who come along to witness this event.
Mask group performances will continue throughout the day and into the evenings. Other groups that will be performing as well will include groups from East New Britain's Pomio District, which normally have both female and male performers. The uniqueness about this group is that the female performers perform a chanting song or songs as a lead up to the major mask performance by male members. All other mask dances found within the New Guinea Islands Region usually have only male performers.
The rhythm and beat of the musical instruments (called kundu) portray the inherited skills in traditional dances and normally goes in a very timely and well coordinated manner with the dancers' movements. The traditional dressing applied in all mask dances represents each society and regalia colorfully represent the natural goodness of the local environment. Mask dancers from the Momase region portray a very elaborative and usually long bird feathers are used.
Besides the mask groups performing, other saleable items will also be on sale. These will include wooden carvings, stone carvings, printed clothes used as souvenirs and other artistic handicrafts including sea shells. Some of Papua New Guinea's talented carvers and painters are found within the New Guinea Islands Region and the Momase Region where most of the mask groups come from.
No mask performance is performed to compete against each other. All mask performances are performed without being judged and the idea is to give them an opportunity to show case their own distinctive procedures and sacredness. In doing so, spectators become to know and value the importance of Papua New Guinea's mask cultures and the roles and responsibilities they play in their respective societies. The distinctive and positive impact the mask cultures have on its own people and followers contributes to the vibrant and traditional scenarios tourists can find in Papua New Guinea.

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I recommended this page because you can find many documents and learn awesome information too. This web site is about an interesting Psychology world, where the humans are the focus to different behavior studies in multiply angles, also throughout web site, the visitor can choose, read and approach to each areas from big and not easy topic. Actually, you would be increase your knowledge of different profiles, and learn about brain damages and psychological desorders to humans had, and also why not?, learn to analyze your parents and friends, of course! From other point of view and same, understand other persons, and acquire some advantage than others hadn´t, how is know about human brain and deeper mind complex world.
Whereas I consult this page for lasted information, but I like to share with you one of the most important point. Everyone person since we born, according whit familiar relationship process and a lot other circumstances goes and build one thing called personality, this personality is also the profile that determinate some characteristics to become mark the human performance in the social circle and every place where he need had interaction whit same structural person but so different in deep. At Psychological level exist a lot of different illness and brain disorders really, this problems come highly impacts in the normal social develop, because some researches says what its common, progressive and dangerous public social healthy problem in each one countries, more strong actually in first world countries where the work, and other many things have heavy influence often.
I want to put whit you the description to one common and contemporary disorder called BIPOLAR DISORDER. I would like to you read this information because this illness is so difficult, also, one of my best friend mother suffer to this disorder and believe me … its so dreadful, I really consider them. Follow link and learn more.!